Dec 21, 2021

Spiral is Hiring a Creative Lead

Spiral is Hiring a Creative Lead

Are you ready for the biggest job in bitcoin? Do you want to educate the world about this century’s most important technology? Will you fight the evil fiat empire in the name of sound money, fairness, and a better financial future?

Then you probably don’t want my dumb job.


Spiral is looking for a Creative Lead/Copywriter/Designer/Social Media Manager “unicorn” to replace me, a guy whose only real contribution to the team so far has been tweeting, dunking on Spiral director Steve Lee, steadfast puppet evangelism, and this job post.

You will replace a member of the Spiral team who has been here since Spiral was Square Crypto and Square Crypto didn’t have a name. Back then, before we had a clear mission, it was just a Twitter account and a copywriter trying to entertain a small but rapidly growing audience. We joke about it, but this early stage is why our brand voice is memorable, and therefore not like the forgettable voice that most bitcoin and crypto brands unilaterally share.

Your work will reflect an evolution of our personality and require leading creative, writing and proofing copy (yours and other people’s), collaborating with designers and engineers and product managers, lots of on-brand tweeting, finding new and creative ways to educate the public about bitcoin, and working collaboratively with FOSS organizations like the Bitcoin Design Community. (Did you have to Google FOSS? Uh oh.)

That’s what this job definitely requires. But all those things are just for starters. You wouldn’t be working on FOSS bitcoin projects if how you work and what you work on were set in stone. You will find more freedom in this role than you have found in any other. Have a good idea? Chances are that you will have the latitude to pursue it.

While all of this might sound a little ambiguous, we have deeply held creative principles. But since nothing is more boring than a brand talking about its principles, creative or otherwise, if you can’t figure out what we stand for from this post, our website, our Twitter account, the Bitcoin Mythology series, Puppet Jack, and so on, then this role is probably too senior for you.


  • Your closet’s jeans:sweatpants ratio is at least 1:3
  • You can disappear from a video call for up to eight minutes without anyone noticing
  • You prefer fantasy over sci-fi but are knowledgeable enough about both to sculpt either into our brand
  • Catt Morallo (that made sense to you, and you laughed)
  • You will try to expense anything from headphones to headache medication
  • You respect Jack with or without the beard but more with the beard
  • You found the hidden monster on without being told it was there
  • You understand and embrace our brand lore, from Gary Fuches to Finnegan’s Wake to the four black cats
  • You are excited by being able to work from anywhere but not so excited that you let the hills and clouds of Tuscany easily distract you from your work for days at a time during the summer of 2021
  • You know your way around Google Docs, Twitter, Figma, GitHub, Signal, and a ton of other stuff that eighth-graders excel at
  • You can spot a grammatical error from across a room even while blindfolded
  • You have strong and extremely tedious design opinions
  • You believe in a thing called love
  • You listen to the rhythm of your heart
  • There’s a chance you could make it now
  • You’ll be rocking ‘til the sun goes down
  • You believe in a thing called love
  • You don’t know when to stop adding bullets to a list


Bitcoin is global, and so are we. At Spiral, you can work from wherever you want* as long as you let @jack crash on your couch when he’s in town.

*Certain locations may require us to consult with lawyers.


Spiral is an equal opportunity employer. In fact, this post is proof that we will hire anybody.

Shoot us an email with a link to your portfolio, a copy of your resume, any side projects you’ve got floating around that you think we should see, and some words that explain why you’re a fit for these positions. We expect many people to want this position, so don’t forget to grab our attention.

Send your application here: