Dec 1, 2021

Spiral is Hiring bitcoin Engineers

Spiral is Hiring bitcoin Engineers


Spiral was founded in 2019 to improve the bitcoin ecosystem by contributing to free and open-source projects. After six months of nothing but tweeting, a PM and engineers were hired and began work on the Lightning Development Kit, a collection of developer-focused tools that simplify and expedite the process of adding Lightning Network functionality to bitcoin applications.


Spiral is hiring three engineers. Are you one of them? Here’s who you are, what you’ll work on, and most of what you need to know:

  1. You love nothing more than dressing for comfort and XKCD memes that haven’t been funny for years. No one you love can describe with any detail what you do for a living.

  2. You’ll contribute to the Lightning Development Kit by reviewing code, improving testing infrastructure, and improving support for language bindings. When you’re not doing all of that, you’ll improve bitcoin through passion projects of your choosing. Almost anything goes.

  3. You’ll help add the following features to the Lightning Development Kit (if this stuff doesn’t make sense to you, neither will this role):

    • Support for new language bindings including JavaScript/WASM/browser extensions, Python, and Go
    • Support for Taproot including musig, PTLCs, and multi-sig scripts
    • Improved sample wallets/nodes that integrate BDK with the LDK sample and provide default batteries for most common scenarios
    • An improved Photon via language bindings support, multi-sig and LN backup support, and an integrated BDK and LDK strategy
    • Support for LSP functionality including automatic channel management and 0conf
    • Improvements for LN payment protocols such as BOLT12 and LNURL


We’ll hire anybody—as long as they’ve got 7+ years of SWE experience and no unbreakable curses controlling their every action. If you’re great, we might overlook these requirements. Additional boxes to be checked include bitcoin and Lightning Network experience (great but not required), appreciation for and commitment to the FOSS bitcoin ethos (required), and familiarity with or a desire to learn Rust (just great).


Bitcoin is global, and so are we. At Spiral, you can work from wherever you want* as long as you let @jack crash on your couch when he’s in town.

*Certain locations may require us to consult with lawyers.


All that sound good? Not too confused? Great. You’ve cleared the first hurdle. Shoot us an email with a copy of your resume, a link to your GitHub (if you’ve got one), any side projects you’ve got floating around that you think we should see, and some words that explain why you’re a fit for these positions: