Jun 23, 2020

Bringing Together the Bitcoin Design Community

Bringing Together the Bitcoin Design Community

Great design is essential to the adoption of new technologies. That’s what made it one of Square Crypto’s earliest considerations.

During our recent search for a unicorn designer, we spoke to dozens of talented UX researchers, visual designers, and systems designers. These conversations showed us what we could do for bitcoin’s growing but disconnected and underfunded design community. They also showed us what a single designer couldn’t do. So we’ve decided to support building a decentralized bitcoin design community instead of hiring one full-time designer.

Square Crypto will use our platform to direct talent to this community, but we won’t run it. That will be the job of participating designers. We expect this community to consist of freelance designers, designers who work full-time at bitcoin companies, and designers who are curious about bitcoin but not sure where to apply their skills.

To participate, simply join the Bitcoin Design Slack workspace. Here’s what day-to-day participation could look like:

  • Engage in discussions with fellow designers.
  • Contribute to a bitcoin design guide, an open-source project intended to simplify designing for bitcoin applications. The guide is expected to include best practices for user onboarding, private key management, payments, and many other areas where bitcoin’s UX currently lacks.
  • Participate in bitcoin design reviews by presenting your work and providing feedback on others’ work.
  • Contribute user experience research and design to open-source projects such as Bitcoin Core, BTCPay Server, and Bisq, and tie your learnings back to the bitcoin design guide.

To kick things off, we’re announcing a new grant program for designers. If you know how to make bitcoin more usable, seamless, and accessible to newcomers, let us know.

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