Jul 15, 2019

Designing Bitcoin for Everyone

Why just design a single company’s product when you can help design the future of money?

Designing Bitcoin for Everyone

UPDATE: Please see our June 24, 2020 announcement regarding bitcoin design.

Bitcoin has demonstrated incredible resilience in its first 10 years largely due to its sophisticated technical design and passionate community. However, for Bitcoin to eventually become a daily-use currency with widespread adoption, there is a need to significantly improve the user experience, as echoed by Jack Dorsey when he announced Square Crypto.

Square Crypto is making Design part of our core, offering a unique opportunity for a designer to help shape the future of how Bitcoin will be brought into the mainstream. Unlike traditional design roles at cryptocurrency companies, this is a chance to focus on establishing the long term design vision of Bitcoin. You will work within the Square Crypto team and engage the broader open source developer community in order to make tangible forward progress toward this vision.

To bring this to life: imagine selecting a representative user journey — like using bitcoin to pay for VPN service to preserve user privacy — and determining that the experience was exceedingly arduous. You might then create appropriate design materials to motivate developers to build prototypes and assess technical feasibility. If social consensus around a particular approach begins to emerge, we’d then work collaboratively to engage the right people in the ecosystem to further refine the ideas and designs, and help catalyze execution in the places where changes are required.

You are an ideal fit for this role if you:

  • Are excited to lead design initiatives that you believe can best contribute to Bitcoin, and have the patience to operate in Bitcoin’s decentralized ecosystem.
  • Will grow the design community by serving as a role model for other designers around the world, inspiring them to contribute to open source Bitcoin.
  • Are a hands-on doer, producing design deliverables, copy, mocks, redlines, final assets, and public presentations.
  • Have a deep interest in how Bitcoin works under the hood.
  • Passionately believe that Bitcoin can become a useful, usable global currency that will gain widespread adoption in the future, while not compromising on Bitcoin’s - self-sovereign principles.
  • Have experience across the spectrum of product design, including user research, interaction design, visual design, and have proven that you can build and ship products with high functioning engineering teams.

You will not be alone in this. As a central part of the Square Crypto team, you’ll work with an experienced Bitcoin PM and a group of talented developers. In addition, you’ll engage a large, welcoming ecosystem of hundreds of developers and businesses who dedicate their time, energy, and capital to improving Bitcoin. In many ways, this is the ideal scenario: the speed of a small team with the leverage of a large ecosystem.

Does this sound like a dream job, and do you feel like you are up to the task? If so, please contact us at designbitcoin@spiral.xyz.

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