Mar 4, 2020

Square Crypto Grants for Everybody

Square Crypto Grants for Everybody

We support bitcoin by building developer toolkits, contributing to the Lightning Network and Bitcoin Core, and supplying grants that free up developers to work on bitcoin in their own way. To date, we’ve supplied grants to BTCPayServer and ZmnSCPxj. Today we’re awarding two more to Jon Atack and Tankred Hase, in addition to providing steps that could help your bitcoin project get funded by us.

If you don’t have the financial means to build financial freedom for others, a Square Crypto Grant could be what you need.

The rules:

  • Grants can be issued to a team or an individual working on a bitcoin project.
  • Applicants can work from anywhere (subject to applicable law).
  • Proposals should be aimed at improving bitcoin through UX, scaling, privacy, security, or something else we haven’t thought - of.
  • Applicants must be in good standing with the bitcoin community.
  • Projects should be free and open-source without a business or profit motive.

Examples of bitcoin projects we might support:

  • Improvements to private key management.
  • Development of bitcoin wallet libraries like coin selection and compact block filters.
  • Privacy implementations such as SNICKER or Payjoin coinjoins.
  • Strengthening p2p networking in Core or light clients.
  • Layer 2 solutions that are separate from LN or complementary to it.
  • Improvements to mining robustness and decentralization.
  • Developing a wallet for the needs of a specific region of the world.
  • Fuzz testing Core to improve its security and robustness.

If you’re interested, send a detailed proposal to We’ll get back to you if it excites us and lines up with grant criteria.

UPDATE: Here you can learn more about designer grants.

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