Jun 24, 2020

Square Crypto Designer Grants

Square Crypto Designer Grants

To foster a greater and more engaged bitcoin design community, we are expanding our existing grant program to designers. Initial grants will last 6 months. Our hope is that all grant recipients will serve as stewards for the growing bitcoin design community.

Examples of design specific bitcoin projects we might support:

  • A bitcoin design guide that includes best practices for onboarding, private key management, payments, and more
  • A user research plan that helps address open questions in the design guide
  • Contributions to open-source projects such as Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin.org, BTCPay Server, Photon, CoinSwap, or Bisq

We encourage designers to join the Bitcoin Design Slack workspace to see what the community is discussing and creating. If you have a novel idea that doesn’t sound like anything we’ve outlined, don’t hesitate to propose it. The crazier the better.

If you’re interested, send a detailed proposal to grants@spiral.xyz. We’ll get back to you if it excites us and lines up with grant criteria.

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